Ethics Statement


Forum Komunikasi  is a peer-reviewed journal that presents new research in the field of communication and media with the objective to foster productive academic debate and discussion. In addition, Forum Komunikasi also aims to create a space for the exchange of perspectives and ideas among academics. It presents studies with various focuses at the local and international levels.


The papers submitted for consideration must fulfil the following considerations:

  • fit within the scope of journal;
  • are checked for plagiarism (Ouriginal system - to be qualified for publication, the manuscript’s percentage of Ouriginal similarity index must not exceed 30%);
  • are subject to double-blind peer review;

The publisher is not responsible for the reliability of data and the validity of bibliographic citations provided by the authors and the decision to accept or to reject the papers is taken by the editorial board in accordance with the peer review regulations.

The publisher reserves the full right to withdraw the manuscript at any level of publication which include after it has been published for whatsoever reason/s arise in its publication cycle.


All submitted manuscripts will be subjected to peer review. The editorial board of Forum Komunikasi will conduct the article assessment for all submitted manuscripts to ensure strict adherence to the standard of academic excellence. Once approved, the manuscripts will then be sent to the appointed peer reviewers where their identity will remain anonymous to the authors.  

In the event of dispute pertaining to the findings or recommendations with the appointed peer reviewers, the editorial board reserved the right to reject the manuscript. Additionally, upon request of the author, the editorial board in its capacity may consult with relevant expert in the research field for additional viewpoint before deciding to accept or decline the submitted manuscript.


A.  Authors

  • have the full right and consideration of their manuscripts.
  • must guarantee that the manuscript is original and does not contain plagiarism
  • must solely be responsible for the selection and the validity of any information provided in the articles, citations, references, statistical data, etc.
B.  Editors
  • must ensure the peer review process is done within the prescribed time.
  • must ensure the peer review process is done fairly and free from any form of bias.
  • must notify the authors about possible conflict of interests.
  • must not reveal the names of the reviewers to the authors.
  • must adhere to the principle of confidentiality regarding the submitted manuscripts.
  • may refuse to publish the papers if the authors’ manuscripts do not conform to the editorial guidelines.
  • reserved the full right to accept or reject the manuscript in whatsoever conditions.
C.  Peer-review
  • involves double-blind peer review (which means that the reviewer does not know the name of the author and the author does not know the names of the reviewers).
  • must adhere to the publication ethics guidelines and act in an objective and unbiased manner.
  • must notify the editors about possible conflict of interests.
  • must maintain confidentiality and guarantee that any information concerning the submitted papers will not be disclosed.
  • maintain strict academic discipline and familiar in the field of the reviewed manuscript
  • must disclose any potential conflict of interest to the editor to ensure