FORUM KOMUNIKASI published biannually by the Faculty of Communication and Media Studies (FCMS), Universiti Teknologi MARA, provides a forum for  transdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches and research in the media and communication fields. It aims to provide diverse worldviews, perspectives and analyses in the field of media and communication as an intellectual inquiry.

The editorial board cordially invites you to contribute articles to this journal which concerned with the anthropological, cultural, economic, historical, philosophical, political, sociological and theological approaches in the study of communication, mass media institutions, mass media contents, media systems and criticisms of culture, society and new media technology as they relate to communication.

The manuscripts may be based on original research, fieldwork, analyses of existing literature, or on emergent issues pertaining to any area of  communication and media studies. The  journal will only consider manuscripts not previously published or currently under consideration by another journal. By submitting a  manuscript, the authors agree that the copyright of  the article is transferred to the publisher when it is accepted for publication in Forum Komunikasi.





Current Issue

Forum Komunikasi, Volume 14 (1) 2019

Editorial Board


Editor’s Memo

This edition of Forum Komunikasi enlightens us on five (5) contemporary and varied issues on communication which cover Muslim family communication and Islamic ethics, social media usage by government employees and politicians and social media influencers.

The first article, titled “The Advertising Practitioner and the Imbuement of Al-Ghazali’s Islamic Ethics Framework” is penned by Aida Mokhtar. This paper explores ethical advertising practice based on Al-Ghazali’s Al-Ihya. The theme dwells on the practitioners’ need for understanding the morals of a believer while conducting business activities by embracing on the key concepts of vicegerency, tauhid, ihsan, iman and wasatiyah.